Protect Your Smart Home Investment With An AV Performance Plan

Our Membership Program Offers Tiered 24/7 Support With Remote Monitoring, Quick Resolutions, And Priority Troubleshooting. 

Smart home technology opens a world of luxury and convenience that enhances your Greenwich, NY lifestyle. With your voice or touch of a button, you have the power to create the perfect environment or unlock a world of entertainment. 

Your home’s systems and data network are essential components, limiting how you live and play in your residence when you have questions or issues. Just as you have peace of mind with a complete security and surveillance system, our AV Performance plan offers you technology assurance.

Whether you are looking to understand why your lights are not working as expected or want dedicated support, our tiered plans fit your needs. If you are intrigued by what a membership plan can do for you, continue reading below. 

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System Integrity 

Home automation and the technology associated with it are more stable and secure than they have ever been. Serious issues such as system crashes, lax data security, or faulty devices are extraordinarily rare, but this stability requires a vigilant process of firmware and OS updates. 

Remote updates are accomplished in the background, often during off-hours, without interrupting family movie night in the home theater. Essential systems such as securityenergy management, and wellness are never interrupted. 

With proactive coverage, we monitor every integrated device with both remote and annual onsite health checks. Our scans review the stability and performance of networks, ensuring that you receive maximum bandwidth from your ISP. The WiFi verification looks for new sources of interference, illicit units attached to it and recommends actions to keep you running safely. 

Hands-Free Configuration 

The modern home is constantly evolving; we add new devices and platforms that provide entertainment, information and complement the growing remote work movement. All of these require setup, customization, and management. 

The Soundworks team works with you to update streaming services, guaranteeing that you get the highest quality 4K video and MQA audio throughout your house. Leave the time-consuming process of updating passwords, filling out registration forms, and settings to us; you get to sit back and enjoy the results. 

Your expectations of how the home should function are high. When something is out of step or performs in a way that distracts, it can be unsettling. As a service member, we offer a quick and complimentary resolution to updating lighting scenes and shade synchronization, calibrating your AV equipment, and more to keep your days in balance. 

You Are Priority One 

You are accustomed to the finer things like traveling first class and more detailed attention from hotel staff. Our AV performance plans put a priority on your services needs with a dedicated support team and extended hours. Are you looking for the highest level of protection for your investment? Call us at (914) 765-0461 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our plans. 

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