Take Your Smart Lighting to the Next Level With Automation Experts

Incorporate Beautiful Lighting, Intelligent Shades, and Seamless Controls

When people think of smart lighting, their thoughts often turn to lights they can switch on and off from their smartphone app, with some that come in a rainbow of colors. If they’ve delved into smart home technology, they may also have an app that controls their shades, opening and closing them with one touch.

Smart lighting, however, means so much more than that. At SoundWorks, our automation experts create lighting systems that bring every element in your home to life, from artwork to unique architectural features. It’s a system that changes moment-to-moment based on the activity, mood, position of the sun, and time of day. 

It’s not just smart, it’s intelligent, creating the ideal environment in response to your location, the touch of a button, or voice command. It’s luxury living at its best.

Let’s explore what intelligent lighting brings to Westchester County, NY homes.

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Reflects a Home’s Design and Aesthetics

The latest home automation technology blends in seamlessly with your home’s design. From the lighting fixtures to the controls that change every light’s hue and intensity, you’ll find the technology discreetly embedded and the lights integrated seamlessly. 

One of the best features is the programming. You don’t need to adjust each light for the perfect illumination when hosting a dinner party or relaxing with the family. We’ll do that for you and set the scene up with one-touch control. So, when you press ‘Relax,’ ‘Dinner,’ ‘Movie Night,’ ‘Good Morning,’ or one of the other activities or moods that make up your life, your home responds with the perfect lighting every time.

Homeowners can also opt for the dynamic, full-spectrum LED lighting that comes in every color in the visible light spectrum, an infinite palette of breathtaking hues.

Bringing Daylight Indoors

Daylight is an essential part of a home’s design. It brings warmth, beauty, and health benefits. Adjusting manual window shades, however, often goes forgotten in busy lives. In our smart lighting system, the position of the sun, temperature, and personalized lighting scenes do it for you. 

The result is the perfect balance of indoor and natural light. Wake to shades opening at sunrise and lowering when direct sunlight brings in harmful UV rays. In response, the lights brighten. The motorized window coverings open to reveal another beautiful sunset and lower for privacy when darkness descends.

This same lighting system can also mimic the sun, aligning your lights to the color of daylight. This natural light enhances your well-being, bringing the energizing cool blue hues during the day for focused intention and the soft amber shades in the evening for relaxation. Enjoying dinner or a movie in lighting that resembles the setting sun is nothing if not spectacular.

A Dynamic System That Changes With Your Moods

From a warm candlelight scene for date night to a tropical party immersed in lighting the colors of the Caribbean Sea, today’s smart lighting offers limitless possibilities. The result is the combination of intelligent shades, beautiful lighting, and seamless controls that allow for the ultimate self-expression. 

Are you ready to explore the possibilities? To learn more about our smart lighting system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact SoundWorks today.

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