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Archive for September 2019

Prepare Your Home Theater for the 8K Revolution

New TVs offer four times the pixel density of 4K displays There are new inventions and improvements happening constantly in the world of home electronics, and displays for your home theater are no exception. At this year’s CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) expo in Denver, 8K resolution displays were some of the most…

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Why You Want an Expert Integrator for Your Smart Home Project

When someone is known as an expert in a field, they’ve earned that title for a reason. An expert has spent countless hours learning and honing their craft, and they have extensive knowledge and training in whatever it is they do. Suffice it to say that having an expert involved in a project is an invaluable asset.
At Soundworks, we’re veterans in the home automation field. We’ve done countless installations of all shapes and sizes, from new homes to remodels and custom home theaters to home networking solutions. If you have a smart home project in mind, we can bring our expertise to bear to help you achieve your vision. Today we’ll illustrate what makes us unique and why you want an experienced smart home design-build team to handle your project in the Chappaqua, NY, region.

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