Take Your Smart Lighting to the Next Level With Automation Experts

A well-lit bathroom with various light fixtures, dressing rooms, and partially lowered shades.

Incorporate Beautiful Lighting, Intelligent Shades, and Seamless Controls When people think of smart lighting, their thoughts often turn to lights they can switch on and off from their smartphone app, with some that come in a rainbow of colors. If they’ve delved into smart home technology, they may also have an app that controls their…

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What Makes a High-End Projector Stand Out?

A home theater with a black granite countertop bar and a starry ceiling.

Sony and Barco Have the Secret Formula for Success When we talk about living a luxury lifestyle, it’s not just about buying beautiful homes or designer furniture. A luxury lifestyle is also about enjoying enhanced experiences right down to the movies and entertainment you share with family and friends. That’s why we recommend high-end projectors…

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