Get More Out of Your Home Theater System

The term home theater brings to mind the
dedicated room with plush seating designed to mimic that darkened, large screen
experience in a commercial cinema. While that is still something we do and
often asked for, today’s lifestyles often dictate some different approaches to
that. Many clients want to enjoy food and games in their theater rooms, and
traditional theater seating and layouts may not be optimal for their

Fortunately, today’s home theater is not
just a dedicated room with the seats, the big screen, and the projector that
must be watched in the dark. With the incredible amount of technology available
now, you have free reign to design the home theater or media room that’s right
for you.

We’ve put together four trends in
technology and design that can help you rethink what you want out of a home theater system
in Greenwich. Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

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Getting Started with Smart Home Automation

These days, the term “smart home”
is everywhere. We can thank the popularity of devices like Amazon Echo speakers
with Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant for getting people familiar with
smart devices and automation — even if it has been in our repertoire of
services for quite some time.

You may have many questions about smart home automation and if
it’s right for your Armonk home. Here are the questions we get most often:

  1. What does smart home automation
    actually do? Do I have to use apps to do everything?
  2. Is smart home automation
    expensive? Do I have to do my whole house? Or can I start small?
  3. Does the system take over my
    house? How do I control it?
  4. How do I choose the right

Fortunately, we have the answers right here
to get you started on the road to the automated lifestyle. If you already know
what smart home automation is, then great — you can ask us deeper questions
about what you want to do and what solutions we recommend.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s dive into
these questions.

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