Elevate Your Ambiance with Outdoor Lighting Controls

Image is out an outdoor patio area with lighting and comfortable seating.

Learn how to enhance your space with smart technology from SoundWorks! In Westchester County, NY, where the landscapes blend seamlessly with upscale residential living, there’s an increasing trend towards enhancing outdoor spaces with smart outdoor lighting controls. As dusk begins and the night unfolds, the right outdoor lighting can transform a garden, patio, or backyard…

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10 Innovative Outdoor Entertainment Ideas for Every Season

People watching a movie in their backyard at dusk on a Séura outdoor TV.

Elevate Every Outdoor Activity When you think about entertaining friends and family at your Fairfield County, CT, home, chances are some of the best memories occurred outdoors. There’s something extra special about enjoying gatherings with nature as the backdrop.  With today’s technology, you can take those moments to the next level with the latest outdoor…

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How Smart Lighting Impacts Mood and Well-being

A cozy and inviting living room.

Understanding the Emotional and Health Benefits of Smart Lighting The explosion in popularity of smart home technology has revolutionized virtually every system in the home, including lighting. It’s not just about flipping switches; it’s about setting the overall atmosphere in your space and even boosting your mood and mental health. Keep reading to see how…

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The Makings of a Whole-Home Audio Installation

A living room with in-ceiling speakers and picture windows looking out to the pool.

Installing an Entire Speaker System in Your Home Have you ever wondered, “Who can install an entire speaker system in my home?” If so, you are one of those individuals who imagines the best and then sets out to achieve it.  At SoundWorks, we do just that. In our world, these systems are called distributed…

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Why Whole Home Audio Systems are a Must-Have for Modern Living

Learn Where to Buy Luxury Speakers Ever thought of how wonderful it would be to have your favorite tunes follow you from room to room in your home? That’s what you can expect with whole-home audio. When you partner with a professional AV installation company, you no longer have to be stuck in one room…

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A Smart Home Control System or an App: Which Is Right for You?

A bedroom with in-ceiling lighting fixtures and an open window with motorized shading.

Create Your Ideal Smart Home Setup As smart technology advances every day, the dilemma between opting for a dedicated smart home control system or relying on individual apps for each device of yours becomes top of mind. Both approaches offer distinct benefits and advantages, making the choice dependent on your specific needs, lifestyle, and how…

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Finding the Best Home Automation Company Near Me

Home with an open floor plan, in-ceiling speakers, rock pillars, and a fireplace.

Explore the Best Practices When Searching for the Smart Home of Your Dreams So, you’ve Googled “Home Automation Company Near Me,” now what? You’re probably faced with 10 or more companies defined as “Best Of.” How do you choose this all-important company that you’re trusting to design, engineer, install, and program the technology that will…

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The Unmatched Luxury of Motorized Shades & the Expertise of Our Team

A sunlit kitchen featuring Lutron motorized shades on the windows.

Let SoundWorks Create Your Ideal Living Spaces  Automated window treatments seamlessly blend convenience, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. These innovative window coverings bring a new level of control and customization to your living spaces! Pairing the elegance of automated shades with the expertise of a smart home company like SoundWorks elevates your home environment entirely. In…

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Enjoy Luxury Living at Its Finest in a Smart Home

A luxury bedroom with chandeliers and a seating area.

Turn Your Home into a Smart Home with a Home Automation Installation Smart homes offer luxury living at its finest. Imagine a house that prepares itself for you in advance, adjusting the lighting, climate, security, and music or TV to create the perfect setting.  You may have pulled into the driveway after dark and initiated…

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Experience the Ultimate in Home Entertainment With a Sony Projector

A media room with a Sony projector, sectional, and large movie screen above a fireplace.

Enjoy an Immersive Cinematic Experience in Any Room If you’ve considered upgrading your home entertainment to meet today’s high luxury standards, now may be the time. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the holiday classics on the big screen or welcoming the New Year with images and sound that rival the best cineplex in Westchester County,…

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