Top 3 Benefits of Owning a Video Surveillance System

A security camera with a white casing installed in the outdoor area of a home

Make your home more secure by adding outdoor security cameras With the increasing rate of crimes, home security has become more than a perk – it’s a necessity. One of the best ways to boost the safety of your residential space is by adding security cameras. Nearly all commercial spaces use security cameras to monitor…

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Bring Reliable Networking Services to Your Outdoor Spaces

Large outdoor patio with several cushioned seating areas, a fireplace, and two TVs

Make Your Home More Entertaining and Automated by Adding Outdoor Wi-Fi Your home runs on technology. And, like most of today’s electronic devices, they need access to the internet. If your home has a subpar network connection, then you’ll have problems with any number of devices – phones, TVs, computers, and smart home equipment.  However,…

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Landscape Lighting Installation Makes Outdoor Spaces More Beautiful 

Landscape lighting of a home connected to a Lutron system

How Lutron and Outdoor Lighting Offer Seamless Control and Nighttime Appeal Smart indoor lighting creates a distinct ambiance, makes any room look more spacious, and gives you seamless control. But did you know that you can bring all these perks to your outdoor space with landscape lighting?  Whether it is your pathway, walkway, steps, pool,…

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Now Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your AV System 

A media room in luxury home with a high-performance AV system that includes a projector, high-end speakers, and plush couches.

A High-Performance Audio-Video InstallationCan Make Any Home More Entertaining  Are you planning to build a new home or remodel your current one? While there are many luxury technologies you can add to your home to make it more enjoyable, nothing beats the entertainment value that an AV system brings.  But are you unsure of where to start…

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Revel In A High-End Listening Experience Throughout Your Entire Home  

A modern open-concept home with a view from the kitchen to the living area with in-ceiling speakers.

Savant’s IP Audio Offers a Scalable Distributed Audio Solution for One Room or Large Estates At Soundworks, Inc., we specialize in high-performance audio combined with the latest customized home automation. When these two powerhouses are connected, our clients experience high-fidelity sound in every room of their home and outdoor spaces. And it’s effortless to control. …

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Enhance Your Home Entertainment with an Outdoor Television  

Discover the Top Benefits That Outdoor TVs Bring to Your Home Few things are more relaxing and entertaining than spending time outside on your property. Whether you’re enjoying special moments with friends and family on the patio, splashing in the pool, or playing a game on the lawn, a well-appointed outdoor space is an integral part of home…

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The Latest Outdoor Audio Offers a Blanket of High-Fidelity Sound 

Learn About the Backyard Speakers that Produce Incredible Audio  We recently lost an hour of sleep, but we gained an hour of daylight! It’s time to take advantage of Daylight Savings and head to our backyard with family and friends or simply relax in our outdoor spaces at the end of the day.  If you’re…

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Automation System

Enhance your lifestyle by integrating a home automation system Many people think smart home automation is only for the most tech-savvy. But it’s about more than keeping up with the latest technology. By integrating a home automation system, you can make your life easier and your home more functional. Read on to find out the top…

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A Distributed Audio System Brings Sound to Every Corner of Your Home 

Stream Music, Play Vinyl, and Enjoy Your Favorite Movie From Your Whole-Home Audio System You wake up in the morning to the sounds of gentle waves breaking along a shoreline. When you head into the kitchen for that first cup of tea or coffee, you find your favorite newscaster reporting on the day’s events from…

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Improve Your Streaming and Security With a Home Network Installation 

Discover How You Can Have the Speed, Reliability, And Safety Required for Modern Living A smart home offers many benefits that make your home a happier, healthier, and more entertaining space to live in. The luxury and conveniences available at the touch of a button or your voice enhance your lifestyle, meeting your every need and desire. …

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