How to Create a High-End Audio System

Bowers & Wilkins speakers in a luxury home’s high-end audio system.

Check Out the Top Brands in Speakers and Receivers Audio is a crucial part of any home entertainment system. Whether you’re a casual listener who wants to enjoy some background music or a total audiophile who listens carefully to each album, you deserve a system that creates high-quality sound. You could use cheap, low-quality speakers,…

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Elevate Your Space with a Professional Home Automation Company

Tablet showing the spaces in the home that can be controlled via home automation.

Explore How A Control4 Home Automation Installation Takes Your Home To New Heights From thermostats and lighting to security cameras and surround sound, a home automation company specializing in Control4 helps you automate and manage nearly every aspect of your Fairfield County, CT, home. With Control4, you can monitor your property from anywhere using their…

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3 Amazing Brands for High-Fidelity Whole-Home Audio

A man sits in a modern living room listening to music with Bowers & Wilkins speakers.

Enjoy the Ultimate Listening Experience at Home! Music is the language of the soul, and it’s a powerful tool to express yourself. By just hearing a few notes, music can boost your mood, take you back in time with memories, and make any activity and space more enjoyable. For this reason, one of the smart…

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Enjoy the Lasting Benefits of Lighting Control for Your Home

A beautiful, well-lit kitchen with three stools placed at an island under four modern light fixtures.

Save Energy and Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Smart Home Lighting Control.  If you’re interested in exploring the prospect of lighting control for your Fairfield County, CT, residence, you’re in the right place. SoundWorks Inc. specializes in installing home technology upgrades and maintenance for our clients, lighting included.  We’ll help you turn your home into…

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Home Automation Effortlessly Creates the Perfect Environment 

A woman sitting on a couch with a tablet in her hand and picture windows surrounding her with shades partially drawn.

A Savant Smart Home Defines Luxury Living A luxurious lifestyle means different things to different people. For some, it includes beautiful estates, faraway vacations, and having the time and ability to pursue the finer things in life. For others, it’s defined by an adventurous or active life, whether sailing the seas on a super yacht…

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Take Control of Your Smart Home with Control4!

A Control4 interface featuring AV, lighting, and security automation features.

When It Comes to Home Automation and System Integration, There’s No Brand Like Control4  If you’re looking for a technology integrator to automate your smart home in Greenwich, CT, there is no better choice than SoundWorks! We are the leading installers and integrators in the state, offering you both unparalleled industry experience and access to…

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How to Get the Most From Your Home Theater Design

Home theater with Avengers movie playing on the large screen.

Collaborate With a Professional Design Team for the Best Integration If you are planning a home theater project, we suggest hiring a professional team to help you build the best experience. Many aspects of a home theater design extend beyond choosing which comfy seating you want and how to set up the room. For example,…

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Elevate Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

A family enjoying their luxury smart home powered by Savant.

Savant Simplifies Home Life with Seamless Controls and Elegant Design What does “luxurious” mean when it comes to the home? Interior design and lots of natural light can help a space look the part, but for a home to truly be luxurious, it needs to be easy to use and control. That’s where smart home…

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Rejoice in the Comfort of a Reliable Wireless Network

A couple reading from a book and a smartphone while relaxing at home.

Wireless Networks Work Hard So You Don’t Have To  The future is wireless, and so is the present. Your smart home should stay up to date on all the latest technologies, including the wireless networks that link and power disparate systems. Hardwired routers, servers, and other devices remain critical to any network, but it is…

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The Top Benefits of Voice-Controlled Home Automation

A large living space featuring smart home automation solutions.

Just Say the Word & Your Smart Home Setup Has You Covered Smart home automation’s main goal is to elevate your daily living experience with every new upgrade and innovative solution. While pressing a button to enact an action from your smart systems is an easy solution, did you know you can simplify this interaction…

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