3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart Home

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Out with the old and in with the smart home! The expectations of potential home buyers are changing and the interest in smart homes is continuing to grow. According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker and CNET, 81 percent of people said they were more likely to buy a house that was already equipped with smart home technology. Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in home automation.

1. Live Comfortably Today

Who doesn’t enjoy convenience? For many people, a primary motivation for upgrading to a smart home is a desire to streamline your day-to-day. Do you find yourself worrying whether you locked the door when you left your home in the morning? Or getting annoyed at family members for leaving lights on in rooms they aren’t using? Check calm and carry on! Smart home upgrades can resolve these daily hassles. Access your locks, lighting, HVAC and more from a single application from anywhere in the world! At the end of the day, your home becomes a much easier and more comfortable place to live.

2. Invest in Tomorrowhouse

Making the investment to upgrade to a smart home today will increase the value of your home in the future. In a recent study, 54 percent of homeowners said they would purchase or install smart home products if they were selling their home and knew that doing so would make it sell faster. Investing in home automation technology will make your home more salable in the future. With the number of Americans interested in purchasing a smart home increasing all the time, smart home technology is no longer considered a luxury but almost a necessity. While 50 percent of baby boomers want to live in a smart home, 61 percent of millennials would prefer to purchase a smart home, suggesting that market demand for this kind of home is only going to rise in the future. In fact, smart homes are such a priority that 57 percent of people said they would consider an older property that had been updated with smart home technology. The people want what they want and what they want is a smart home!

3. Make Long-Term Savings

Besides increasing your home’s resale value, smart home upgrades could help you save money while you are living there. Consider how much money is wasted when heating your home while you are not there, leaving appliances or lights on accidentally, or cranking your air conditioning to cool down a room where you forgot to close the shades. By eliminating these sources of waste through home automation, you can reduce your energy bills and relax in the knowledge that every dollar you spend is making you and your family more comfortable.

Smart homes aren’t a fad. By investing in smart home technology, you’ll bask in the joy of everyday convenience, increase your home’s resale value, and cut costs. Get in touch with Soundworks to upgrade to a smart home today! We’re happy to discuss the options available for your home.

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