Back To School Made Easier With Home Automation

School is back in session! Getting back into a routine can be hard for kids (and parents!) after a laid back summer, but an automated home makes your life easier and the transition back to school smoother.

Back To School Made Easier With Home Automation

Get Kids To Bed and Wake Them Up Easier

It’s no easy task getting the kids to bed or waking them up in the morning.  Plus, with bedtime becoming earlier as the school year starts, it can be a battle wrangling your kids to go to sleep.  Set the tone by programming the lights, television, and music to turn off at bedtime to create a relaxing environment. Then, get those sleepy heads out of bed by scheduling their morning wake up call with an automated lighting system. By using your home automation system to automatically turn lights off and on you’re creating a set schedule for your children that will help them get into a daily routine.

Monitor What’s Happening At HomeHome security systems westchester NY app remote monitoring

All parents worry about their children, it goes with the territory.  It can be especially difficult for working parents that cannot be home with their kids after school.  Through home automation you can check-in to make sure your kids have arrived home safely with video monitoring.  Remotely play real time video on your smartphone or integrated device to see if their doing their homework or raiding the fridge. Plus, through a home security system, you can guarantee they stay safe even if their home alone. Lock or unlock the doors remotely or check to see who is at the front door before your kids can answer it.

Get Homework Done

The temptation of television, video games, or music can be too much for kids, especially when the alternative is doing homework. Create a no-distraction work environment by controlling all forms of entertainment. We promise you won’t regret upgrading your home, especially after your kids start up-grading their report cards!
To learn more about installing a home automation system or to schedule a consultation, contact Soundworks!

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