Bring Reliable Networking Services to Your Outdoor Spaces

Make Your Home More Entertaining and Automated by Adding Outdoor Wi-Fi

Your home runs on technology. And, like most of today’s electronic devices, they need access to the internet. If your home has a subpar network connection, then you’ll have problems with any number of devices – phones, TVs, computers, and smart home equipment. 

However, a robust network gives you excellent Wi-Fi coverage and internet speeds no matter where you go on your property – inside and out! It’s one of the most essential components of any home. No matter how many home technologies you add, a high-bandwidth internet with a strong Wi-Fi signal will allow you to connect numerous devices without a hitch. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of having reliable networking services in your Greenwich, CT, home and how outdoor Wi-Fi plays a part in your home entertainment and safety. 

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Seamless Connectivity

A home network does much more than allow you to browse the internet. But you already know that! While it may have been the primary reason years ago, a lot has changed! Now, the internet and Wi-Fi 6 provide the “power” and connectivity behind your ability to stream video and audio, control smart lighting and motorized shades, manage your security system, and much more. 

Add to that Wi-Fi access points, which provide a way to extend the reach of your Wi-Fi signal, you’ll enjoy seamless and fast access to any technology in your entire home or estate – even in outdoor spaces. In fact, with hardwired access points throughout your property, you’ll never have a problem with weak Wi-Fi and dropped signals.

Outdoor Entertainment

With a robust Wi-Fi system in place, homeowners can now expand their home entertainment to outdoor areas. Add a pool automation system, control the landscape lighting, and experience the amazing sights and sounds of an outdoor AV system. Imagine streaming a 4K UHD movie on your outdoor TVs or listening to high-end music through landscape speakers. This is all made possible due to Wi-Fi and enterprise-grade networking services. 

The best part is that all these features can be controlled via one central hub; your smartphone or smart home tablet. A single tap of your fingers will control all the automation features, thus increasing outdoor entertainment.

Boosted Security

Outdoor Wi-Fi also boosts your home security. With a solid internet connection and Wi-Fi access points (even outdoors), you can integrate security cameras, smart outdoor lights, access controls, and other features. Your home security system provides real-time coverage of everything happening on your property, and you can access and control various devices right on your smartphone. This wasn’t possible before Wi-Fi and certainly not 100 years ago!


Would you like to bring a robust Wi-Fi signal to your outdoor spaces? Soundworks provides the best networking services in Greenwich, CT. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (914) 765-0461 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.

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