Easy Updates to Make Your Home Tech-Savvy Before Selling

It’s a well-known fact that when selling your home, making upgrades to specific areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms are among the most effective ways to profiting the most from the sale.


Consider these technology updates for your home before handing your keys over!

Along with these more “traditional” upgrades, however, homeowners should also consider adding certain technology updates to their homes to make them more tech-savvy and appealing to buyers. President of Soundworks Inc. Lou Gordon advises on his top tips for bringing your home into the 21st century and making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Automated Lighting. A little change in lighting can go a long way when it comes to selling your home. Not only does automated lighting improve home security by means of random timing systems and higher level of visibility, it also decreases energy consumption (and therefore the electric bill) by automatically shutting off when not in use. 

Mood Lighting. The right lighting can tremendously improve and enhance a home environment, and even provoke specific moods! For example, bright lighting in an area such as the family room sets a cheerful and casual tone, while softer lighting in an area such as the master bedroom set the tone for relaxation and restfulness.

Home Entertainment. Are you considering replacing your bulky TV set and entertainment system when you move to your new home? Making the swap now to a sleek flat screen mounted on the wall is a great way to show off the amount of space the room offers without being overpowered by a large entertainment center.

Sound Systems. Like lighting, the right sound system sets the mood and atmosphere of a home environment. Whether you want to set a relaxing and tranquil or an upbeat and energized tone throughout your home, a sound system is the perfect addition.

Security Systems. Give your potential buyers a peace of mind with a discreet home security system. A common myth regarding home security systems is their hefty price tag, but in fact, a high quality home security system is available for almost any budget. In addition, most insurance providers provide discounts on insurance premiums for those with home security systems, which is an added bonus for your buyers. 

With the proper planning, any home can be transformed into a “smart home” at essentially any budget, helping you sell at the best price possible. What “smart home” upgrades are you considering before selling your home?  Share them on our Facebook page!

Photo Credit: thinkpanama via Photopin cc

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