Elevate Your Outside Space with Audio-Video

Make Your Outdoors as Entertaining as Inside 

New York City real estate has always been expensive, and space still at a premium in Gotham. Despite that, city dwellers cherish their outside areas.  Whether it’s a small terrace or a penthouse off Central Park West, there are numerous ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. 

Spring, summer, and fall all offer sunny days and ample opportunity to enjoy our outdoor spaces. Why not make them even more inviting and entertaining? With an audio-video setup in your New York City home, you can make the most of fair weather days.  

Want to check out the ultimate accessories for your outdoor spaces? Read on below. 

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Outdoor Sound 

You don’t have to settle for a wireless speaker for outdoor audio. Many different types of speakers for outdoor audio from a variety of brands can supply the kind of sound quality you are used to from your home audio system. All the outdoor speakers we recommend are weatherproof and are built to take everything New York weather can dish out, including rain, snow, and extreme cold.  

Styles abound, from traditional box speakers that can be hung from outside walls to ceiling speakers for a covered terrace, to speakers that can be hidden in your large pots and garden planters. A recent design innovation is the bollard speaker, an artful tower design that can radiate sound in multiple directions and can become part of your outside plan.   

If you have a backyard in Brooklyn, you can have even more options, like an array of landscape speakers with buried subwoofers that bring the bass. One difference in outdoor audio is that there are no walls and ceiling to reflect sound, so proper planning is necessary to have the sound quality you want.  

Outdoor TV 

What can be more fun for relaxing outside than catching a game – or a show – on an outdoor TV? We don’t recommend regular TVs for outdoor use, because they simply can’t hold up to wetness and extreme temperatures.  Seura is a brand partner that specializes in outdoor TVs, and they can stay outside safely all year long. The Shade Series is perfect TV for a shaded patio, with high brightness, 4K and HDR clarity, and Adaptive Picture Technology to adjust the picture automatically for changing light conditions outdoors. If your outdoor space is ultra-sunny, then the Ultra Bright Series is the way to go, with brightness and special screen material that is viewable in full sun.  

Don’t Forget Connectivity 

When you’re outdoors and you want to dial up that classic Etta James album on Spotify, you need a strong connection. In any outdoor (or indoor) entertainment system project, we ensure that the network is up to the task. This may mean upgrades to your routers and adding access points to provide rock-solid wireless connectivity, and also switches and wiring where necessary to handle any increase in bandwidth essential for audio and video transmission.  

Are you ready to amp up your outdoor space in New York with an audio-video setup?  Give us a call, click the chat box below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you! 

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