Enjoy an Easy-to-Use, State-of-the-Art Home AV System

Let an Expert Audio-Visual Company Create the Best Home Entertainment

Today, luxury homeowners have incredible options in home entertainment, with new audio-video technology arriving at a constant pace. From whole-home audio-video systems to home theaters, media rooms, and outdoor AV solutions, the options can seem endless. Add on audio casting and multiple screen protocol, as well as the increasing available formats for video and music content, and it can get fairly complicated and confusing. 

That’s where an audio-visual company comes in. At SoundWorks, we’ve been optimizing our clients’ home entertainment in Westchester County, NY, with the latest AV technology and automation for over 30 years. We stay abreast of the continuing advancements and have the brand partnerships and expertise to ensure a state-of-the-art system that maximizes enjoyment and ease of use while retaining your home’s aesthetics. 

Let’s explore what these systems entail and how to take your home entertainment from good to great.

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Designed, Engineered, and Integrated

Through careful engineering and integration, we connect all media sources, screens, and speakers to one unified platform that’s intuitive and easy to use. As a result, you manage all your home entertainment from one remote, touchscreen, or voice command. 

When you arrive home after a long day, you can tell your smart home to play your favorite playlist and hear it stream through nearly invisible in-ceiling speakers or enjoy a concert-quality soundstage from your Revel or B&W loudspeakers. At SoundWorks, we partner with top-tier manufacturers in audio and video, ensuring the best system for your home and preferences. 

Maintaining Your Home’s Aesthetics

Many of our clients are design-conscious, wanting the best in home entertainment without having to look at bulky AV equipment. Today’s technology enables everything to disappear when not in use, from flat-panel TVs behind paintings and custom paneling to ultra-short-throw projectors tucked into media cabinets and handcrafted movie screens waiting to appear with one touch from their in-ceiling position. 

Architectural speakers bring high-fidelity audio throughout your home with no visible footprint. Through careful placement, calibration, and testing, you experience the difference between a good and great sound system. 

All your AV equipment is tucked away into a designated utility closet. From there, high-quality, lossless AV signals are distributed to every room. Everyone can enjoy their favorite entertainment independently or together.

Optimized Entertainment in Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Growing in popularity are the ultimate home entertainment spaces. Designated home theaters deliver an immersive cinematic experience, with the surround sound that engulfs you and the brilliant, lifelike images that take you to another place and time. 

Media rooms offer high-performance audio-video in almost any room, creating a space for entertaining, socializing, movie nights, and big games. Being connected to your home AV system means one tap brings your technology out of hiding, turns it on, and sets the perfect environment through lighting and shade control. 

If you’re passionate about home entertainment but want a system that’s easy to use and enhances instead of detracts from your décor, our AV experts can help. A custom-designed, integrated, and automated home AV system offers the best home entertainment available today. To learn more about our audio-visual company or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact SoundWorks today.

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