Make Managing Your Media Easier with Home Automation

Smart technology gives you easy, seamless access to your library from anywhere in your home

There are more ways than ever to listen to your favorite music or enjoy your beloved movies and shows. You can subscribe to any number of music and video streaming services, and you still have physical media options like Blu-ray discs, CDs or – if you’re really into the classics – vinyl LPs. With this wide array of choices, however, comes an unexpected downside: An overwhelming number of remotes and control systems.

What if there was a way to bring all of your media, from streaming services to your home audio system, under control of one interface? You can do that and more with home automation. In today’s blog, we’ll look at how automation can simplify media control in your New York City home. Keep reading to learn more.

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With the plethora of media options we mentioned above, sometimes it’s a hassle to do something as simple as finding the right remote. Once you’ve found the right remote, you might still have trouble getting multiple systems to work together harmoniously. With home automation and a multi-room A/V installation, these hassles disappear.

Distributed audio and video simplifies your home media setup by bringing every device under your home control system, then sending the feed from a single source anywhere you want in your home. You can dispense with multiple cable or satellite TV boxes and disconnected speakers in different rooms; automation gives you clean, simple controls of everything in your home through one interface. You can use a remote, a tablet, a wall panel, or a combination of different control devices. You can listen to the same music in multiple rooms at once, or segment the house into different zones so different family members can enjoy their media of choice. Even better, you can change these configurations on the fly to fit whatever need you have at the time.


As much as we may want to enjoy some uninterrupted listening or viewing time, that’s not always possible in a bustling household. Distractions happen, but you don’t have to let them interrupt whatever it is you’re watching or listening to. Media control with distributed A/V makes it simple to minimize interruptions.

Maybe you’re watching a movie in your home theater with your family but suddenly your kids want a snack. You can send the audio and video from your home theater to your kitchen in seconds, so you don’t have to pause the movie while you grab some popcorn. If you’ve been listening to music in your living room and want to move outside, you can press a button and have the same music playing outdoors in an instant.


A unified home A/V system also makes it easier to enjoy streaming audio or video anywhere at home. Many speakers and smart TVs have native integration with services like Netflix or Spotify. Whole-home distributed audio and video makes streaming in any room simple.

For example, say you have a dedicated listening room in your home, and in there you have speakers that can stream music from Spotify. If you need or want to leave the room, the music won’t have to come to a halt when you have distributed audio. A unified system of speakers lets you pick up whatever you were listening to without missing a beat. Ready to enjoy a more convenient viewing and listening experience at home? Call SoundWorks today at (914) 765-0461 to find out more about our media control solutions. You can also use the chat window below or visit our contact page.

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