Make Your Backyard More Entertaining With An Outdoor Television

Enjoy Movies Under The Stars, Or The Big Game By The Pool With All-Weather Video Monitors

The days are getting warmer, and you are spending more time by the pool and spa, grilling and entertaining family and friends. With the rising temperatures, an outdoor television offers the perfect opportunity to watch a movie under the stars or watch a game with friends. Our installation experts design outdoor entertainment systems that maximize your backyard fun with minimal maintenance.

Are you intrigued about adding video to your outdoor activities and enhancing your Armonk, NY property? Continue reading to learn more.

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A Better Experience

To enjoy a movie outside, you might think dragging a TV onto your deck convenient; unfortunately, the results will disappoint from the start. However, the luxury of ultra-high-definition video you enjoy in your media room is available to you outside. While outdoor units cost a bit more, there is no need to settle for a lesser experience. A video monitor built to work in all weather and lighting conditions offers you a more satisfying experience.


High-Definition, Day or Night

Indoor televisions rely on the fact that you watch in a room with dimmable lights. Ambient light, like that from the sun, washes out an image, making it difficult, if not impossible, to see. In your media room, you can mitigate the effect at the touch of a button with motorized shades.

The specialized anti-glare screens on outdoor OLED and LED TVs produce a 200 nit image six to ten times brighter, ensuring a clear image day or night. More often than not, when folks gather outdoors to watch, we tend to spread out. The result is a need to see the full image from any angle. Using the right monitor for the environment assures that everyone can find a comfortable spot and not strain their neck to see or hear.


Perfect for Your Property

Whether you are looking for a unit to install by the pool, an open-air deck, or above the outdoor bar, there is a model that suits your need. The monitors come in sizes ranging from 32″ to the awe-inspiring cinema experience of a 90″ unit. The housing resists fading, pitting, and chipping caused by the sun’s UV rays. In addition, you can watch year-round as the waterproof and insect-resistant components can work from -40 up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

  Are you ready to bring your entertainment with you into the calming green grass and intoxicating blue of the pool?  Entertain more in your backyard by calling us at (914) 765-0461 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation.

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