Smart Home Owners Monitor Solar Energy from Smart Phone Apps

We’re welcoming a blog from Westchester’s top-rated solar company. Located in Sleepy Hollow, SunBlue Energy is the local solution for homes and businesses to go green and declare their energy independence.

Enphase Enlighten Solar Energy App MonitoringWe know Westchester Smart Home owners love their apps, whether controlling lighting and music or managing energy, heating and air conditioning in their homes from anywhere. When you go solar, energy management via your phone gets kicked up to the next level. At SunBlue Energy, we have two solar energy management apps for smartphones, tablets and desktops to help you keep track of how much money you’re saving every month.

So how do solar panels work with an app?

The MyEnlighten App for Solar Panels

First, Enphase Microinverters are connected to every panel to keep you connected with your rooftop solar panels. These Microinverters then shoot off a quick message to the Envoy Communications Gateway to share the solar energy production info via existing powerlines, as well as sending the data to the Enlighten Software. From there, it is easy for you (and your solar installers) to keep an eye on your system with your MyEnlighten app to make sure everything is working correctly and give you all the data on how much energy you are producing. Plus, the user-friendly interface allows you to show off your energy bill by sharing with friends and family…or your entire social network!

Sunny Portal Solar Energy App

Solar Panel Smart Home Automation Power Monitoring AppThe Sunny Portal app can help you monitor your photovoltaic solar system no matter the size – whether solar panels are on your home’s roof or powering your entire business. You can see all the data live, if you’re sitting in your living room or even if you’re escaping winter snow on a sunny beach halfway across the world. Not only do you get to access this info from your phone or tablet, Sunny Portal also provides different charts and graphs to visualize all the information.

Solar Power and Smart Homes

Smart Home owners are used to monitoring their energy via an app and using their technology to lower their energy consumption. 2016 is the year to take advantage of federal tax credits and New York State tax credits to fully integrate your energy management under one roof.

Contact SunBlue Energy and get a free estimate for adding solar panels to your home or business, (914) 222-3510

We know that smart home owners love their apps, as well as saving money through automation, which is why we think your home is the perfect spot for solar panels. Planning a spring renovation? Contact Soundworks to make sure your home has all the upgrades, (914) 765-0461.


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