Sony XBR 4K Television: 65 Inches of Wow!

The Sony XBR-X900B 65 inch flatscreen television has the distinction of boasting 4K Ultra HD picture with TRILUMINOS display while also providing massive built-in speakers and a subwoofer for richer sound and an immersive viewing experience.

4K Ultra HD

Sony XBR 4k Ultra HD Television 8 million pixels | Soundworks Armonk 8 million little pixels working together to make your display almost life-like with greater detail, added depth and increased color resolution. Even HD content from YouTube videos to HD sports channels can be upscaled, using The 4K X-Reality™ PRO picture engine to bring color, clarity and detail to your favorite shows and clips. Sony also uses their X-tended Dynamic Range technology to find a perfect marriage between the brightness of an LED TV and the nuances of deeper colors previously associated with Plasma to make sure every scene maintains every detail. Their TRILUMINOS color display also brings a wider range of colors, more natural skin tones and and a vibrant picture overall.

The Wedge

Sony XBR 4K Television Wedge Speakers Subwoofer Soundworks Armonk NYSony’s wedge may keep you from having a truly thin flatscreen, but extra depth is worth the sound quality it delivers. The wedge design gives more space for the large front facing speakers and their built-in subwoofer providing S-Force PRO Front Surround. Most Ultra 4K televisions focus purely on the best image and fail to bring quality speakers to the table along with great picture – keep in mind the wedge is still able to be wall mounted and maintains a very slim shape.

4K Content

Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD Television Netflix Soundworks Armonk NYWhile the X900 will upscale HD content, to truly appreciate the television you will need to track down some true 4K content. Let’s start with Netflix, everyone’s favorite streaming service, which has an Ultra HD Streaming Plan. Once you connect your account to your 4K TV, a new row will appear on your browsing screen with 4K content – most notably House of Cards, Breaking Bad and The Blacklist. Amazon VOD also has a list of 4K streaming titles which are free to Prime subscribers. YouTube has been providing 4K content since 2010, Vimeo offers Ultra HD for downloads (but not streaming), and Sony Video Unlimited offers a la carte episodes and movies with the Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player.


Stream Playstation 3 Games to your 4K Sony Television Soundworks Westchester NYA One-Flick remote gives you access to a shortcut menu that features your favorite TV channels, photos and online videos. Social Viewing provides a community experience with simultaneous viewing, Skyping and tweeting. The PlayStation Now feature allows you to stream certain PlayStation 3 games – all you need is to pair your controllers with your TV.

While not everyone will be a fan of the massive speakers looking out at them from their TV, especially if you have an existing home sound system, the sound quality cannot be denied! The Soundworks Team can help you seamlessly integrate this television with your existing home sound system or help you upgrade for the ideal viewing, listening and streaming experience. Contact us today to learn about integrating an Ultra HD 4K Television into your home, (914) 765-0461.

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