The Makings of a Whole-Home Audio Installation

Installing an Entire Speaker System in Your Home

Have you ever wondered, “Who can install an entire speaker system in my home?” If so, you are one of those individuals who imagines the best and then sets out to achieve it. 

At SoundWorks, we do just that. In our world, these systems are called distributed audio or whole-home audio systems. By partnering with the leading audio manufacturers, we deliver music and audio throughout your home in high-fidelity splendor and even extend it into your yard. 

These systems offer an incredible experience. Let’s uncover what a whole-home audio installation entails and how you can enjoy breathtaking music that fills your home in Fairfield, CT.

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The Birth of Architectural High-Fidelity Speakers

The ability to provide this incredible experience stems from homeowners like you. You imagined detailed, crystal-clear sound in every room, the kind that makes you stop and listen. You wanted the best in home entertainment. 

Audio manufacturers took heed and began working their magic, researching, engineering, testing, and retesting. Ultimately, they developed architectural speakers and subwoofers that we can strategically install and calibrate throughout your home, in ceilings and walls. Through these high-fidelity speakers, beautiful sound emerges, filling your home from an invisible, or almost invisible, source. 

And whole-home audio means whole-home. We have in-ceiling speakers for showers and garages and even speakers for the pool.

The Great Outdoors

No matter the size of your space, from a patio to a large estate, you experience perfectly even coverage, a blanket of high-fidelity sound with audiophile-like clarity in your outdoor area. The source for this immersive experience is satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers placed among your foliage, blending in seamlessly with your landscape.

Our audio experts will study the acoustics and determine the best placement for the optimum sound quality. Then, you enjoy an immersive experience, whether watching a movie or listening to your favorite playlist or treasured album, which brings us to the audio source.

The Audio Source

In a whole-home audio system, your audio equipment is shared with your entire property. We’ll relocate turntables, receivers, satellite tuners, and media players to a closet and distribute their audio signals to the speakers.

Now, you can hear your vinyl collection throughout your property. These systems also come equipped with the latest streaming music services, letting you create playlists for your many activities, from a dinner party to relaxing under the stars. You can manage your entire system by tapping a touchscreen or smartphone icon.

Setting up zones throughout your property enables everyone to listen to their chosen audio where and when they want to. Then, when you gather for dinner or host an outdoor event, enjoy one beautiful song filling your home and outdoor areas. 

Incorporating Floorstanding Speakers

Some of you in the audiophile category may be wondering about your 800 Diamond B&W tower speakers. We don’t blame you. We are happy to incorporate those into your new sound system as long as you invite us over.

Are you ready to experience a whole-home audio system that leaves you breathless? We’re here to help. To learn more about the many options in your new audio system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact SoundWorks today.

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