The Top Benefits of Voice-Controlled Home Automation

Just Say the Word & Your Smart Home Setup Has You Covered

Smart home automation’s main goal is to elevate your daily living experience with every new upgrade and innovative solution. While pressing a button to enact an action from your smart systems is an easy solution, did you know you can simplify this interaction even more?

Voice-controlled home automation eliminates the need for tapping a button on a remote, swiping your finger across a touchscreen, or pressing a key on an on-wall keypad; it makes hands-free operation possible! Effortlessly say a word or phrase and watch your Bedford, NY, smart home respond accordingly! So why choose a voice control setup? Keep reading below to learn more about the top benefits of this smart technology.

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Streamline Your Everyday Routine

From the moment you wake up to when you’re getting ready for bed – and every moment in between – your smart home solutions can assist and enhance your daily routines! Of course, you can set automated scenes so certain features unfold as the day begins. For example, your motorized shades can rise, your lighting control can brighten, and your smart thermostat can adjust to your liking at the start of each day. But what if you want to make changes with zero preparation and on the fly?

With voice control, you won’t need to reach for your smartphone or tablet, or even walk to a keypad located across the room. Instead, you can simply say a voice command to have your system respond accordingly. For example, ask your system to lower the shades after a certain hour, dim the lighting in a specific room, or play music at a designated hour when you’re getting ready to work or relaxing in the evening.

Make Hosting a Breeze!

What about when you want to enhance special occasions? Host a dinner party, movie night, or tailgate, and let voice control cater to you and your guests! Want to play background music as everyone converses or switch channels on the TV? Or maybe you want to dim the lighting for an atmospheric dinner or lower the temperature to accommodate having more people in the house! These options are just a few words away. You can remain busy preparing a meal or even let your guests make the changes themselves, all hands-free!

Let Your System Learn Your At-Home Lifestyle

An intuitive voice-controlled home automation system will begin to adapt to your regular commands and requests, learning what you prefer and want from your smart home. Without prying or invading your privacy, your voice control platform can use stored data only to better your daily routine and lifestyle – making every moment feel seamlessly catered to you and your family! You won’t have to make the adjustments yourself; your system can easily incorporate these changes into your automated routine.

Want to find out more about voice-controlled home automation for your smart home? Give our team at SoundWorks a call, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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