Top 3 Smart Shade Brands for Luxury Homes

Enjoy the sophistication, beauty, and control of shade automation in your home

Motorized window treatments are popular features that come with home automation systems. And for good reason! They allow you to control natural light within your home, automate their operation, add ambiance to your rooms, and even make your home more energy-efficient. 

If your home in Scarsdale, NY, does not already have smart shades, consider adding them to enjoy many of their benefits. We have chosen the top three brands that offer the best features to elevate your home and lifestyle. 

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1. Lutron 

Lutron is a leading shade automation brand that offers convenient and smart solutions for homeowners. It offers solar-adaptive technology that allows the shading system to adjust itself automatically based on the sun’s position throughout the day. This maximizes daylight savings, thus reducing your energy bill and making your smart home more energy-efficient.

The combination of solar adaptive technology and window sensors ensures reduced glare and maximum comfort as well. The motorized window treatments also respond to the changing weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy the ideal lighting and temperature within your home.

Another redeeming quality of Lutron shades is that they have a noise-free operation and can be battery-operated or wired.

2. Savant 

With Savant shade automation, you’ll never have to use complex technology to adjust your window treatments. Using the Savant Pro app, control all shades throughout the home using only your smartphone or smart home tablet. The best part is that you can even preset scenes by programming the shades. Then they will operate automatically, depending on a schedule. 

You can enjoy peaceful mornings by setting your shades to rise on their own when the sun comes up to wake you up naturally. Similarly, program the shades lower as evening approaches, so you can get ready for bed with zero distractions.

3. J Geiger Shading

When you integrate J Geiger modern shade, you’ll never worry about dealing with unsightly wiring altering your home’s interior. The sleek and stylish design blends seamlessly into the architecture of luxury homes, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

The adaptable shading system comes in a variety of hardware options and is compatible with almost all control systems, offering convenience unlike any other. You can customize the shades however you want for a more streamlined look. The motorized window treatments have a minimalistic design and can be wired or battery-operated, depending on your preferences.

Choose only the best smart shades for your home in Scarsdale, NY. SoundWorks is a certified dealer of all the top shade automation brands, including Lutron, Savant, and J Geiger. We can help you integrate and customize the shades of your preference. Get in touch today to start your project. Call (914) 765-0461 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details.

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