What to Gift Video Lovers This Holiday Season

Discover Which Video Products Produce the Highest Quality Images for Any Occasion

The air is turning crisp, and the colors red, yellow, and orange dominate the landscape. It is, as Andy Willams croons, the holiday season. This is the time of year that we celebrate and give thanks for the comfort of family and look to renew peace and goodwill. 

Along with the twinkling lights, candles and evergreens are the excitement and possibilities of new toys in your Scarsdale, NY smart home. Perhaps you are already dreaming of installing a top-of-the-line 8K projector or adding an outdoor television for backyard entertaining to your holiday wish list.

Do you have the vision, like sugar plums in your head, of an image so clear that you can practically smell the grass on the gridiron? Are you intrigued? Soundworks has the expertise, inventory, and honest answers about the technology. Continue reading below to discover more.

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The 8K Dilemma

The last few years have witnessed a surge of monitors and projectors that breathlessly hype their 8K capabilities. These same ads urge you to be among the first to enjoy the video up to four times the resolution of 4K in your home theater. Unfortunately, 8K suffers from the same trouble that early adopters of HD in the 1980s had, a serious lack of native content.

The majority of 8K content available are really upscaled 4K videos. While many sports broadcasters use 8K cameras, they are used to generate higher quality 4K images. The consensus from notable publications like PC Magazine, Consumer Reports, and CNET is that you get a bigger, better value by installing a top-quality 4K projector.

Breathtakingly Bravia

The Bravia line of monitors is lauded by industry pundits and high-end hobbyists alike for their hyper-accurate image processing that generates boundary-breaking realism. With the release of the 100” model, you will rediscover all of the media you watch with brilliant colors that are as natural and beautiful to the human eye as nature. 

The exclusive XR Bravia core brings authentic cinematic visuals. Whether streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, the full array LED and contrast boosters give you a true-to-life depth of field. In addition, cognitive processing delivers blur-free human-centric images that cross-analyze the entire video, detecting the scene’s focal point and enhancing those elements.

Most stand-alone televisions provide traditional speakers for sound reinforcement; Sony goes beyond adding positioning tweeters that elevate the sound field. The monitor also outputs stunning XR surround, Dolby Atmos, DTS, and more to create an unparalleled sound stage.

Bring it Outdoors

Enjoying the seasonal games outside requires more than moving a standard LED TV from the media room to your deck. In order to get the full ultra-high-definition quality, you need a monitor built especially to overcome the challenges. Therefore, we highly recommend two lines of all-weather video monitors.

The Terrace line from Samsung incorporates the new cutting-edge technology of QLED. The full-sun capable unit generates a 4K image with a brightness of nearly 2000 nits, three times that of your indoor units. Whether you want to watch the game by the fireplace or at the scenic sitting area, these TVs fit any installation need with models in sizes of 55”, 65”, and a remarkable 75”.

SunBriteTV has been providing outstanding televisions for luxury homes since 2004. The company’s experience allows them to offer monitors suited for different conditions. Create the perfect viewing space in full shade, partial sun, or in the direct line of the sun; there is a unit to satisfy you. The heat-resistant and anti-glare screens produce images up to 6 times brighter for years without fading or distorting. 

The Best Image for Your Home

Are you looking for the best video for your luxury home? You can trust our dedicated staff to offer the right solution. Start the conversation by calling us at (914) 765-0461 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to working with you.

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