Revel In A High-End Listening Experience Throughout Your Entire Home  

A modern open-concept home with a view from the kitchen to the living area with in-ceiling speakers.

Savant’s IP Audio Offers a Scalable Distributed Audio Solution for One Room or Large Estates At Soundworks, Inc., we specialize in high-performance audio combined with the latest customized home automation. When these two powerhouses are connected, our clients experience high-fidelity sound in every room of their home and outdoor spaces. And it’s effortless to control. …

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A Distributed Audio System Brings Sound to Every Corner of Your Home 

Stream Music, Play Vinyl, and Enjoy Your Favorite Movie From Your Whole-Home Audio System You wake up in the morning to the sounds of gentle waves breaking along a shoreline. When you head into the kitchen for that first cup of tea or coffee, you find your favorite newscaster reporting on the day’s events from…

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Explore 5 Amazing Benefits You Can Gain With Whole House Audio

The right music can help you knock out an intense home workout, show off your dance skills in a family dance-off and instantly lift your mood. And now, as families continue to spend more time at home, the right music can help keep you and your family connected and entertained.

With a whole house audio system in your Chappaqua, NY, enjoy all your favorite audiobooks and music hassle-free. Keep reading to learn 5 amazing benefits you can gain from connected audio.

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