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Sony’s Big Release of 2017 is Here

Sony’s release this month of their own line of OLED TVs makes serious improvements over LG’s range of OLEDs. If you’re in the market for a new television, consider Sony’s new 65” Bravia for cutting-edge aesthetics and gorgeous visuals.

Sony’s new OLED has been eagerly anticipated after making a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017. Why consider an OLED? OLEDs offer black levels that substantially improve upon what traditional displays can achieve. Sony’s technology can handle pretty much any high-resolution content you throw at it: from HDR10 to HLG to Dolby Vision. Their 4K HDR processing engine aims to bring the best out of any 4K content you’re viewing.

Sony OLED TVAnd then there’s the design. The unit is thin enough that Sony moved many of the internal components of the television to a back panel that can either serve as an easel to stand the TV up, or fold flat to enable wall mounting. Strikingly, Sony’s new TV doesn’t have a traditional stand attached to the bottom of the screen. Instead, the screen sits flush with the surface you place it on. Sony’s intention is to create a more immersive viewing experience.

Can you imagine this television in your home? The 65” model is available now. Call Soundworks today at (914) 765-0461 to be the first to get this beautiful upgrade incorporated into your media room or home theater!

3 Ways A Home Theater Can Be Convenient And Affordable

Posted by Louis Gordon

Ever thought about installing a home theater in your house? Don’t be coy. You know you have—you’re reading this post, aren’t you? So you know you want to, but what’s holding you back? I know. You’re sold on the whole convenience thing and the cool factor of having a home theater. But it can feel like an extravagance—something beyond your reach, right?

Well, maybe it isn’t. Here’s something to consider: Three simple ways a home theater might actually be convenient and affordable.


Be The Home Entertainment King For The 2016 Super Bowl

The 2015 Super Bowl hit a record high in viewers

This year, Soundworks can help you go above and beyond to make your home into the neighborhood hotspot for the 2016 Super Bowl – and the rest of the year! Soundworks offers a range of high-quality options for an optimal home entertainment viewing experience. Regardless of your space limitations, Soundworks will work with you to find customized solutions. We install and coordinate your audio systems to ensure an easy incorporation of cutting-edge audio technologies into your existing entertainment system. (more…)

Dream, Design and Install Your Home Theater

The best technology isn’t just for your finished home theater! When you work with Soundworks, we’ll walk you through the design process, advise you on the best screens, projectors, sound systems and more.

We partner with AcousticSmart, who have built a reputation for absolute attention to detail and the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Whether you want a predesigned theater or a brand new design, custom created from your imagination, we can create rendered videos and photos to make sure you know how your design will come to life. AcousticSmart, a family owned company, are experts in the design of home theaters from carpeting and seating to curtains, sconces, fiber optics ceilings and more!

Watch a 3D rendering that shows you what your home theater could look and sound like!

Take a look at these photo renderings from our partners, AcousticSmart:

Soundworks Home Theater View 1 Westchester

Soundworks Home Theater View 2 Westchester

Soundworks Home Theater View 4 Westchester

Read our blog post on The 3 Basics You Need for Your First Home Theater.

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The 3 Basics you Need for Your First Home Theater

SONY es 350 screen home theater Westchester New York

Finally setting up your home theater means making difficult decisions about projectors, amplifiers and carpeting; we are the local Westchester County experts on at least two of these. Leave picking the perfect 4K projector and multi-channel amplifier for your home to the pros at Soundworks and we promise we’ll keep our opinions on the comfiest seating and color schemes to ourselves.

Luckily for you, we’ve teamed up with AcousticSmart, experts in the design of home theaters – including carpeting, seating, curtains and so much more!

Sony’s $10,000 4K Projector

Sony’s $10,000 4K Projector

The least expensive Sony 4K projector will have your mind reeling with high resolution, 1500 lumens, vibrant colors, smoother and sharper motion and a quality that will make you feel like you’re at the movies.

sony 350 es 4k projector

Perfect for 60” to 150” screens, this projector can upscale your favorite HD movies to 4K or your favorite 2D movies into 3D. Front air intake makes the Sony 350ES whisper quiet and able to be positioned near a wall without you having to worry about overheating.

This projector is the best place to start for a new home theater.

AudioControl’s Theater Amplifier

The ideal home theater amplifier will have clear sound, reliable power, run cool, last a lifetime and bring your movies to life with high quality sound you won’t be believe you’ve been missing. Enter AudioControl’s Pantages G3, a compact 5-channel amp that can provide 230 watts per channel across all five channels.

Soundworks Pantages g3 home theater amp

Other features of the Pantages G3 include:
  • Stable into low impedances
  • Unparalleled Energy Efficiency
  • High Definition BiMOS Outputs
  • Cool Running Class H Operation
  • LightDrive Anti-Clipping Protection Circuitry
  • High Current Gold Output Terminals
  • 5-way Binding Posts
  • Output Status Display
  • Unbalanced RCA and Balanced XLR Audio Inputs
  • Bullet-Proof Reliability
  • Remote 12 volt Trigger

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond Series

Soundworks Black Diamond Series Screen for Home Theater by Screen Innovations no edge

The Black Diamond series no-edge screens, fixed and motorized, not only preserve the contrast of colors from your 4K projector but increase contrast performance by 900% when compared to matte white screen materials. That’s not a typo, 900%. The material is unaffected by lights, wall colors or even sunlight – these screens even perform well outdoors.

With the no-edge screen, there’s no need to hide away your projector screen and you can even add LED lighting behind it to turn it into a piece of art.

soundworks black diamond screen no edge art

Combining Sony’s 4K projector, AudioControl’s amplifier and a Black Diamond screen will give you a top-of-the-line home theater that works outside of a windowless room.

Ready to start designing your dream home theater? Contact Soundworks today to get started, (914) 765- 0461

Read about how to Dream, Design and Install Your Home Theater with Soundworks!

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Sony XBR 4K Television: 65 Inches of Wow!

The Sony XBR-X900B 65 inch flatscreen television has the distinction of boasting 4K Ultra HD picture with TRILUMINOS display while also providing massive built-in speakers and a subwoofer for richer sound and an immersive viewing experience.

4K Ultra HD

Sony XBR 4k Ultra HD Television 8 million pixels | Soundworks Armonk 8 million little pixels working together to make your display almost life-like with greater detail, added depth and increased color resolution. Even HD content from YouTube videos to HD sports channels can be upscaled, using The 4K X-Reality™ PRO picture engine to bring color, clarity and detail to your favorite shows and clips. Sony also uses their X-tended Dynamic Range technology to find a perfect marriage between the brightness of an LED TV and the nuances of deeper colors previously associated with Plasma to make sure every scene maintains every detail. Their TRILUMINOS color display also brings a wider range of colors, more natural skin tones and and a vibrant picture overall.

The Wedge

Sony XBR 4K Television Wedge Speakers Subwoofer Soundworks Armonk NYSony’s wedge may keep you from having a truly thin flatscreen, but extra depth is worth the sound quality it delivers. The wedge design gives more space for the large front facing speakers and their built-in subwoofer providing S-Force PRO Front Surround. Most Ultra 4K televisions focus purely on the best image and fail to bring quality speakers to the table along with great picture – keep in mind the wedge is still able to be wall mounted and maintains a very slim shape.

4K Content

Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD Television Netflix Soundworks Armonk NYWhile the X900 will upscale HD content, to truly appreciate the television you will need to track down some true 4K content. Let’s start with Netflix, everyone’s favorite streaming service, which has an Ultra HD Streaming Plan. Once you connect your account to your 4K TV, a new row will appear on your browsing screen with 4K content – most notably House of Cards, Breaking Bad and The Blacklist. Amazon VOD also has a list of 4K streaming titles which are free to Prime subscribers. YouTube has been providing 4K content since 2010, Vimeo offers Ultra HD for downloads (but not streaming), and Sony Video Unlimited offers a la carte episodes and movies with the Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player.


Stream Playstation 3 Games to your 4K Sony Television Soundworks Westchester NYA One-Flick remote gives you access to a shortcut menu that features your favorite TV channels, photos and online videos. Social Viewing provides a community experience with simultaneous viewing, Skyping and tweeting. The PlayStation Now feature allows you to stream certain PlayStation 3 games – all you need is to pair your controllers with your TV. 


While not everyone will be a fan of the massive speakers looking out at them from their TV, especially if you have an existing home sound system, the sound quality cannot be denied! The Soundworks Team can help you seamlessly integrate this television with your existing home sound system or help you upgrade for the ideal viewing, listening and streaming experience. Contact us today to learn about integrating an Ultra HD 4K Television into your home, (914) 765-0461.


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Introducing Cinema One

Soundworks, Inc. is proud to present a special offering for our customers – Cinema One! Through February 28th, a limited edition version of Cinema One will be available with 50 preloaded premium movies.

Kaleidescape Cinema One is the new, high-tech way to watch all your movies – from your own collection or the Kaleidescape store – in the highest quality video and sound possible.

Upgrade your home theater system with Kaleidescape Cinema One for this type of viewing experience at home!

A great way to bring the family together for movie nights and watch your favorite movies the way they were meant to be watched, Cinema One is sure to please everyone.

Here’s why we think this limited edition of Cinema One is so awesome!

Preloaded with fifty movies – fifty great movies!

The free movies included on the limited edition version of Cinema One range from the classics to kids’ movies to blockbusters. Families will have their fair share of movies to pick from to watch with the kids, as well as access to the Kaleidescape Store’s hundreds of thousands of movies.

Unbeatable quality.

Families will never have to watch their movies in low quality again – no more frustration with streaming services that need to buffer and have highly compressed content. Cinema One’s movies are delivered in the highest possible quality video and audio, so your living room will be instantly turned into your own home theater!

Perfect for families!

Make sure your kids have access to only age-appropriate content using parental controls and the optional Child Remote. The Child Remote gives younger children a user-friendly interface to use Cinema One and watch movies that only you approve of!

Easy to use.

Import your favorite DVDs/Blu-rays with the push of a single button – that’s it! Use the free Kaleidescape app to download new movies right from your iPad or iPhone.

Don’t know what to pick? Check out Kaleidescape Movie Collections!

If you need help picking a new movie to watch, browse the carefully focused movie collections made by experts at Kaleidescape to expand your movie library.

Capable of massive storage.

DVDs and Blu-rays get scratched up, lost or put in the wrong boxes all the time! Cinema One lets you store up to 600 DVD-quality or 100 Blu-ray quality movies, so you can keep your favorite movies for constant, instant playback.

Quick and simple to install.

No more expensive or complicated installations – Cinema One is as easy to install as a standard Blu-ray player and its sleek look will make a beautiful addition to your home.

Make a playlist of your favorite scenes.

Skip right to the most memorable scenes and quotes of your favorite movies using Kaleidescape Scenes – and even make a playlist of them to watch again and again.

Don’t miss your chance to get this limited edition version of Cinema One with fifty movies already included – only available till Feb. 28th at Soundworks, Inc. for $3,995! Call us at 914-765-0461 for more information. 

Photo Credit: ClaraDon via Photopin cc

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Easy Updates to Make Your Home Tech-Savvy Before Selling

It’s a well-known fact that when selling your home, making upgrades to specific areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms are among the most effective ways to profiting the most from the sale.

Consider these technology updates for your home before handing your keys over!

Along with these more “traditional” upgrades, however, homeowners should also consider adding certain technology updates to their homes to make them more tech-savvy and appealing to buyers. President of Soundworks Inc. Lou Gordon advises on his top tips for bringing your home into the 21st century and making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Automated Lighting. A little change in lighting can go a long way when it comes to selling your home. Not only does automated lighting improve home security by means of random timing systems and higher level of visibility, it also decreases energy consumption (and therefore the electric bill) by automatically shutting off when not in use. 

Mood Lighting. The right lighting can tremendously improve and enhance a home environment, and even provoke specific moods! For example, bright lighting in an area such as the family room sets a cheerful and casual tone, while softer lighting in an area such as the master bedroom set the tone for relaxation and restfulness.

Home Entertainment. Are you considering replacing your bulky TV set and entertainment system when you move to your new home? Making the swap now to a sleek flat screen mounted on the wall is a great way to show off the amount of space the room offers without being overpowered by a large entertainment center.

Sound Systems. Like lighting, the right sound system sets the mood and atmosphere of a home environment. Whether you want to set a relaxing and tranquil or an upbeat and energized tone throughout your home, a sound system is the perfect addition.

Security Systems. Give your potential buyers a peace of mind with a discreet home security system. A common myth regarding home security systems is their hefty price tag, but in fact, a high quality home security system is available for almost any budget. In addition, most insurance providers provide discounts on insurance premiums for those with home security systems, which is an added bonus for your buyers. 

With the proper planning, any home can be transformed into a “smart home” at essentially any budget, helping you sell at the best price possible. What “smart home” upgrades are you considering before selling your home?  Share them on our Facebook page!

Photo Credit: thinkpanama via Photopin cc

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Is 4K Ultra HD TV for Me?

In the ever-changing world of television with terms like 3D and LED, 4K Ultra HD might sound like just another addition to the long list of options we have for home viewing experiences. But before you overlook 4K TV, take a look at this quick guide first.

 What is 4K Ultra HD TV?

This long, fancy-sounding term is actually quite the opposite! 4K TV and Ultra HD TV are actually the same types, and are simply generic terms for televisions that have a resolution of around 4,000 pixels wide and 2,000 pixels high.

Viewing experience with 4K-HDTV from multi-room music and video experts at soundworks in armonk, westchester ny

Welcome to the viewing experience of 4K-HDTV!

That just means that they have a high resolution, which means more pixels. This in turn translates to a better quality. In fact, 4K Ultra HD TVs have four times as many pixels than the average HD TV. Not only is the picture quality tremendous, but the difference in color quality and high level of pristine between 4K Ultra HD TV and regular HD TV is astounding.

Why Might I Want One?

4K Ultra HD TV was “born” in movie theaters in 2007, and its use has steadily been increasing since due to its distinctly sharp, clear picture that is not always found in standard HD movie experiences. Its superior quality provides a full immersion experience for audiences, allowing them to be “a part of” the movie they’re viewing.  This trailblazing viewing experience is unlike any other, and can now be shared with family and friends from the comfort of your home.

When 4K Ultra HD TV was first released for home use a few years ago, the prices were ridiculously high (think tens of thousands)! In the past year, there has been an influx of much more affordable TVs available, and 2014 has been predicted to see an exceptional increase in 4K Ultra HD TVs that won’t leave buyers with empty bank accounts.

We also bet you didn’t know that 4K is growing in popularity in other electronics, too! Did you know that the majority of digital cameras take a picture in at least a 4K resolution? Or how about the fact that Netflix will be supporting 4K streaming by 2015? And, at this very moment, 4K quality is in the process of being created for at-home DVDs, too. It’s safe to say that the 4K TV’s stellar quality and experience is catching on, and won’t be slowing down any time remotely soon.

While it may be a winter wonderland outside, 4K Ultra HD TV can transport you and your family anywhere you want to go, from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re considering 4K Ultra HD TV for your home or are curious and want to learn more, our team here at Soundworks is here to help! Contact us at 914-765-0461 or to get started with your 4K Ultra HD TV experience.

Photo Credit: ClaraDon via Photopin cc


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