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Be The Home Entertainment King For The 2016 Super Bowl

The 2015 Super Bowl hit a record high in viewers

This year, Soundworks can help you go above and beyond to make your home into the neighborhood hotspot for the 2016 Super Bowl – and the rest of the year! Soundworks offers a range of high-quality options for an optimal home entertainment viewing experience. Regardless of your space limitations, Soundworks will work with you to find customized solutions. We install and coordinate your audio systems to ensure an easy incorporation of cutting-edge audio technologies into your existing entertainment system. (more…)

Automated Shades Bring your Nursery into the 21st Century

Isn’t it time you bring your nursery into the 21st century? Taking care of a restless baby just got easier with smart home technology. Install a Lutron Electronics shading system so your baby (and you!) can get more shuteye.

Lutron Nursery Automated Shades for Smart Home Owners (more…)

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Increase Your House’s Value with Smart Home Upgrades

With recent buzz about smart home features that will do everything from adjust your thermostat to lock your doors, many homeowners imagine that smart home upgrades are still too futuristic and expensive to be a reality. However, simple smart home upgrades will not only make your daily life easier, but also increase the resale value of your home.


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Home Automation As An Alternative For Elderly Care

hands-216982_640There’s no place like home! As an elderly person it can be devastating to leave your home, whether it’s your choice or not, to go to a nursing home or assisted living. With all of the advancements in home automation it is now possible for an elderly person to stay in the comfort of their own home while loved ones know they’re safe.

Through home automation, a safe environment can be created so that the elderly can live an easy and independent lifestyle at home. Imagine your lights automatically turn off the minute you leave a room? Or the temperature is regulated for you so it is never too hot or too cold? Or video surveillance so you know who’s at your door without getting up? All of this is possible through smart home technology!

For those that may need assistance, home automation can be set up so they are taken care of. Savant Systems allows you to have full control of your home through a touch of your finger. By pressing a single button the elderly can activate motion sensors or cameras inside or outside of the house and unlock or lock doors to guarantee their safety. Savant’s control system allows temperatures to be set throughout the house and thermostats to automatically adjust based on outside temperatures. Plus, the Savant system has eco-friendly lighting control that saves energy by integrating with motion sensors so the lights turn off when the room is unoccupied. So for the elderly that might not always think to turn the lights off, or might have a hard time getting around to adjust the thermostat, their Savant system will provide the assistance necessary to take care of it for them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 2.44.04 PMWhen your elderly relative is confident (or being stubborn) that they can live an independent life at home, it can be hard for loved ones to have the same confidence. Home automation can provide the peace of mind that your loved ones are taken care of when you cannot be there to take care
of them yourself. There’s no need to fear a grandparent has fallen with no way to get up. Motion sensors can be installed to record activity and security cameras can be accessed remotely to monitor what’s going on in the house so you know your loved one is safe.

If you’re interested in having a home automation system installed for your or your loved ones, contact Soundworks!

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Dream, Design and Install Your Home Theater

The best technology isn’t just for your finished home theater! When you work with Soundworks, we’ll walk you through the design process, advise you on the best screens, projectors, sound systems and more.

We partner with AcousticSmart, who have built a reputation for absolute attention to detail and the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Whether you want a predesigned theater or a brand new design, custom created from your imagination, we can create rendered videos and photos to make sure you know how your design will come to life. AcousticSmart, a family owned company, are experts in the design of home theaters from carpeting and seating to curtains, sconces, fiber optics ceilings and more!

Watch a 3D rendering that shows you what your home theater could look and sound like!

Take a look at these photo renderings from our partners, AcousticSmart:

Soundworks Home Theater View 1 Westchester

Soundworks Home Theater View 2 Westchester

Soundworks Home Theater View 4 Westchester

Read our blog post on The 3 Basics You Need for Your First Home Theater.

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The 3 Basics you Need for Your First Home Theater

SONY es 350 screen home theater Westchester New York

Finally setting up your home theater means making difficult decisions about projectors, amplifiers and carpeting; we are the local Westchester County experts on at least two of these. Leave picking the perfect 4K projector and multi-channel amplifier for your home to the pros at Soundworks and we promise we’ll keep our opinions on the comfiest seating and color schemes to ourselves.

Luckily for you, we’ve teamed up with AcousticSmart, experts in the design of home theaters – including carpeting, seating, curtains and so much more!

Sony’s $10,000 4K Projector

Sony’s $10,000 4K Projector

The least expensive Sony 4K projector will have your mind reeling with high resolution, 1500 lumens, vibrant colors, smoother and sharper motion and a quality that will make you feel like you’re at the movies.

sony 350 es 4k projector

Perfect for 60” to 150” screens, this projector can upscale your favorite HD movies to 4K or your favorite 2D movies into 3D. Front air intake makes the Sony 350ES whisper quiet and able to be positioned near a wall without you having to worry about overheating.

This projector is the best place to start for a new home theater.

AudioControl’s Theater Amplifier

The ideal home theater amplifier will have clear sound, reliable power, run cool, last a lifetime and bring your movies to life with high quality sound you won’t be believe you’ve been missing. Enter AudioControl’s Pantages G3, a compact 5-channel amp that can provide 230 watts per channel across all five channels.

Soundworks Pantages g3 home theater amp

Other features of the Pantages G3 include:
  • Stable into low impedances
  • Unparalleled Energy Efficiency
  • High Definition BiMOS Outputs
  • Cool Running Class H Operation
  • LightDrive Anti-Clipping Protection Circuitry
  • High Current Gold Output Terminals
  • 5-way Binding Posts
  • Output Status Display
  • Unbalanced RCA and Balanced XLR Audio Inputs
  • Bullet-Proof Reliability
  • Remote 12 volt Trigger

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond Series

Soundworks Black Diamond Series Screen for Home Theater by Screen Innovations no edge

The Black Diamond series no-edge screens, fixed and motorized, not only preserve the contrast of colors from your 4K projector but increase contrast performance by 900% when compared to matte white screen materials. That’s not a typo, 900%. The material is unaffected by lights, wall colors or even sunlight – these screens even perform well outdoors.

With the no-edge screen, there’s no need to hide away your projector screen and you can even add LED lighting behind it to turn it into a piece of art.

soundworks black diamond screen no edge art

Combining Sony’s 4K projector, AudioControl’s amplifier and a Black Diamond screen will give you a top-of-the-line home theater that works outside of a windowless room.

Ready to start designing your dream home theater? Contact Soundworks today to get started, (914) 765- 0461

Read about how to Dream, Design and Install Your Home Theater with Soundworks!

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The Soundworks Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide

Stumped for the perfect father’s day gift? Our Soundworks gift guide is your inspiration for audiophiles, movie lovers, early adopters, gadget collectors and sports fans! They say a man’s home is his castle, and we’re stepping outside the walls to bring some high quality technology for outdoor entertaining and solutions!

Sunbrite And Seura Outdoor TVs

sunbrite TV outdoor patio outdoor television westchester tri state

Get dad excited for yard work with an outdoor television! Sunbrite’s all weather HDTVs are designed for permanent outdoor installation, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen, patio, deck, or yard. Engineered to withstand harsh environmental elements, these hardy screens still look good in any outdoor space. Mow the lawn, skim the pool and dig up weeds without missing the big game, especially when paired with some bluetooth headphones!


The Seura Storm Ultra Bright weatherproof, outdoor television is ideal for your deck, patio, or even your hot tub! The triple lock seal design protects against contaminants to give a reliably sharp picture. There’s no need to worry about your screen being blacked out on those sunny days, Seura’s outdoor televisions are designed with LuminOptics so you can enjoy vivid image quality, even in direct sunlight. Either of these outdoor televisions are sure to be a big hit with dad.

Episode Garden Speakers

Westchester County Outdoor Speakers in ground outdoor solutions

Give dad the gift of music with Episode Landscape Satellite Speakers! These outdoor speakers can be mounted anywhere: in the ground, in a tree, the outside of your house or on the deck. These high performance speakers will deliver an even, rich sound to fill your entire backyard. Built to withstand tough weather, Episode speakers are guaranteed to have a long lifespan. Everything is better with good music; give dad the chance to sing-along all year round, whether putting up holiday decorations or grilling in the backyard! Earplugs for the rest of the family sold separately.

Planter Speakers

Soundworks Outdoor Solutions Planter Speakers

For a more aesthetically pleasing look, opt for one of these Planter Speakers. Each planter speaker comes with a removable plant and flower tray to hide the hardware without blocking any of the sound! Enjoy high quality music from these discrete planters that come in a variety of different styles to match dad’s taste.

outdoor flower pot speakers

Home Surveillance

westchester home security cameras with app to monitor

All dads worry (even if they won’t admit it!) and are more at ease when they know their family is safe. Soundworks can install surveillance cameras, inside or outside your home, to record high resolution footage around the clock. Monitor your home remotely in real-time or check back later to review recorded footage using high-speed playback. Featuring both fullscreen and grid-view, you can easily access your video remotely through a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Outdoor Internet

Step up your gift giving game and update dad’s home with outdoor internet. Pakedge devices are designed to improve the range and speed of your wireless network, while also eliminating any interference. Their high power, high range wireless access points ensure that your devices will always connect with the best speeds possible. Now dad can stream from any of his devices right in his backyard.

Pakedge Outdoor Internet Westchester

Choose one of these gifts or bundle together outdoor internet, television and speakers to become dad’s favorite child… at least until the next holiday comes around. Interested in one of our gift ideas? Contact Soundworks today for more information, (914) 765-0461

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Using Houzz to Build a Home in Westchester

September wasn’t just back to school month for students; hundreds of architects, interior designers, contractors and other housing industry professionals turned up for a series of presentations hosted by on how to harness the power of Houzz’s 23 million users for their businesses. Mixing education and fun, the learning and networking events hosted throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties brought modern day technology to established businesses.

Soundworks, along with Murphy Brothers Contracting and Gibbons Digital, were thrilled to host Houzz Team Community member Michael Stein as he presented all technological facets of industry professionals can use to improve business efficiency, reach new prospective clients and streamline communications. Equipped with laptops and tablets, industry professionals brought all their local knowledge and personal insights to sessions at the Antique and Artisan Center in Stamford, Molly Spillane’s in Mamaroneck and Westchester Magazine in Rye.

Houzz boasts impressive statistics with 90% of users owning their own home and 75% of users actively planning to redecorate or remodel their home. With over 17 million mobile app installs, industry professionals were taught the best ways to tailor the power of Houzz for their businesses.

“It was amazing to see so many Westchester and Fairfield County home professionals who were being proactive in trying to learn how to enhance and expand their business through learning more about Houzz,” said Michael Stein. “Our attendance was great, and there were so many questions and comments that showed me that Houzz really has created the best space for Home Professionals to get their names and their work out there to the thousands of homeowners in their area, and the millions of users we have around the country.”

Long gone are the days of designers hauling giant binders and portfolios to client meetings, Houzz provides sleek design and a platform for designers to tell their stories through high quality photographs on a site that already hosts of 3.5 million photos of exterior, interior and landscapes.

Check out Soundworks’ Houzz profile here and sign up today to see what the buzz is about, whether you looking to hire the right professionals for your remodel or reach out to local clients looking for your expertise.

On top of such a wonderful event, we were so pleased that with the generosity of the attendees. The three events raised a combined total of almost $2000 for The Food Bank for Westchester. The organization is the backbone of Westchester County’s emergency food distribution network and provides over 95% of all the food to front-line hunger-relief programs in the area. When presented with the donation, Executive Director Ellen Lynch announced that FBW can use the funds to purchase close to $8000 to feed the approximately 200,000 people in Westchester who are at risk for hunger or facing food insecurity. Thank you to everyone who turned out to the event and donated to this worthy local cause. 




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