Why Homeowners Choose Savant for Their Smart Home

As technology advances and the demand for smart home automation increases exponentially, more players are getting into the market. So, how do you choose which system is right for you and your home? As a Savant dealer in Bronxville, NY, we selected this system because of its customizable solutions that allow us to create the smart home our clients dream about.

Let’s look at what Savant brings to the table that outpaces the competitors.

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Experience A Day in the Life With Total Home Integration

Many of us have experienced more time than we’re used to in our homes lately. Or perhaps you’re reading this at a time when stay-at-home orders are still a recent memory. Either way, being inside for such long stretches has probably given you more insight on what’s working in your residence, functionally and aesthetically, and what isn’t. Some people might want to replace their coffee table or wall color, while others may realize that they’re not reaching their home’s potential to make their modern lifestyles easier, and that automation can solve that need.

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Make Managing Your Media Easier with Home Automation

There are more ways than ever to listen to your favorite music or enjoy your beloved movies and shows. You can subscribe to any number of music and video streaming services, and you still have physical media options like Blu-ray discs, CDs or – if you’re really into the classics – vinyl LPs. With this wide array of choices, however, comes an unexpected downside: An overwhelming number of remotes and control systems.
What if there was a way to bring all of your media, from streaming services to your home audio system, under control of one interface? You can do that and more with home automation. In today’s blog, we’ll look at how automation can simplify media control in your New York City home. Keep reading to learn more.

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4 Factors to Look For in a Home Automation Design-Build Firm

While there may be many companies that install home automation systems in the Bronxville, NY region, there’s a difference between amateur operations and a true home automation design-build firm. You want the best when it comes to your home automation project, so that’s why we put together this list of things to look for when you’re selecting a company to do the job. Keep reading to learn more.

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3 Signs Your House Doesn’t Support Total Home Automation

As you will learn soon, homeowners notice a big difference between a house with some Internet of Things (IoT) devices in it and a completely automated, streamlined home. We understand how those two concepts might seem synonymous at first. When someone walks into a residence and notices anything tech-forward, they might assume it’s a “smart home.”

Not so fast: Total home automation requires a higher level of connectivity, compatible devices and a central control system to streamline all these IoT tools. There’s nothing wrong with starting small and trying a DIY smart lock or some fun lighting controls, for example. Still, if you want to build a fully integrated, future-proof smart home, you’ll need professional integration and complete automation to make it happen. Keep reading for signs that your Greenwich, CT, home doesn’t live up to the “smart home’ moniker and what you can do to change that.

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Relax in a More Beautiful Home With Lighting Control

Use smart technology to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle and enhance your interior design If you have any familiarity with smart home automation, you’ve likely heard about lighting control and all the benefits it has to offer. You’ve probably also heard of Lutron, one of our favorite brands, and their expertly crafted lighting control systems.…

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Why You Want an Expert Integrator for Your Smart Home Project

When someone is known as an expert in a field, they’ve earned that title for a reason. An expert has spent countless hours learning and honing their craft, and they have extensive knowledge and training in whatever it is they do. Suffice it to say that having an expert involved in a project is an invaluable asset.
At Soundworks, we’re veterans in the home automation field. We’ve done countless installations of all shapes and sizes, from new homes to remodels and custom home theaters to home networking solutions. If you have a smart home project in mind, we can bring our expertise to bear to help you achieve your vision. Today we’ll illustrate what makes us unique and why you want an experienced smart home design-build team to handle your project in the Chappaqua, NY, region.

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How Home Health Automation Enhances Comfort, Safety

We’ve written extensively about all the ways smart home automation can help you have more fun at home, but there are more practical purposes for these systems as well. One of the other ways automation technology can improve your life is to help you live healthier. These benefits come in several different forms, so today we’ll be looking at how home health automation can help Scarsdale, NY, residents live longer, better lives.

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How to Design Lighting Control for Your Smart Home

Tips for creating a system that blends well with your Greenwich, CT, home’s technology and aesthetic When it comes to smart home automation, one key principle is combining design and technology in a functional matter. You want your systems to work without any hiccups, but you don’t want to detract from your home’s aesthetic. This…

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Better Outdoor Living Through Technology

Summer is upon us, and we’re ready to take
advantage of the outdoors. We’ve recently discussed several options for
bringing your entertainment outdoors with outdoor speakers and Seura TVs that
are expressly designed for outdoor use.

We will cheat a little here and use outdoor
entertainment as the first idea. An outdoor audio-video setup can keep you
relaxed with great music and not missing any of your shows or sports that you
might otherwise retire indoors to watch. For even more outdoor entertainment
options, read our aptly named guide
to outdoor entertainment

What other ways can technology improve your
outdoor living
in Chappaqua, NY, this season?

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